The AVF welcome group is a free service available to all newcomers providing them with appropriate support in their new daily life.

  • Helps rebuild a social network
  • Be constantly attentive to the needs of newcomers in order to provide them with a service that is adapted to their needs 
  • Discover the city, its quality of life and contribute to the development of the region
  • Supports companies in the relocation of their staff.

It is in this spirit that AVFs have been working for 50 years.

They have the support of numerous partners, including the Association des Maires de France (AMF) and the Tourist Offices

A little bit of history!

AVF associations, set up Under French Law of 1901, with no political affiliation, are non-denominational, adopting the same statutes and charter in 2001.

The local AVF, the Regional Unions and the National Union are entirely managed by volunteers who put their qualities, and skills at the service of the association.

The AVF’s mission is also to train their volunteers who must provide an increasingly professional service. They must adapt, learn from others to meet the expectations of newcomers and offer them the best of themselves.

The D.A.F. (Administrative Training Department) trains more than 5,000 trainees per year.

“National Newcomer Day – 3rd Saturday in November”.

The days are short, and nostalgia sets in, so this is good time of the year to serve as a benchmark for all those who experience mobility.

This special day prepared by all the AVF groups, is a yearly event.

For you to be welcomed.

A smile and a coffee, valuable information about the city and its environment, friendships built around common discoveries, are precious moments that the 250 AVF groups give the opportunity to share.