AVF is a national association (registered under the French law of 1901) with 340 local branches throughout France (local A.V.F) non confessional, non political, run by trained volunteers.

Its purpose

To provide a service for those who move for professional reasons to a new environment.

How does it work ?

Qualified AVF personnel listen to the needs of those who are moving and provide them free of charge with any information they require. This may take place in the reception area of a local AVF, or AVF personnel may visit organizations when requested to do so...

Its aims

  • To provide a “welcome service” for anyone who has moved to a new area.
  • To help newcomers to meet new people.
  • To be constantly aware of changing patterns of mobility, in order to keep the service provided up-to-date.
  • To train volunteers to give a competent service.
  • To improve the quality of life of each town and to contribute to the development of the region.

Origine and growth of the association

The first local AVFs were created in 1963 in response to the trend towards decentralization at that time ; as a result increasing numbers of people were obliged to move to new areas.

Since then, the number of local AVFs has increased so that today there are 340, and, nation-wide, the AVF associations have over 70 000 members.

It is estimated as many as 300 000 people per year benefit from the free information or “listening ear” provided by the local AVF. There are 11 000 volunteers involved (roughly 10 per 100 members in each local branch, depending on the size of the town).

The AVF is one of the most important social and cultural associations in France. Local branches often work alongside town councils, other associations, and various public and private organizations.

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